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How to get here safely

Patient Travel Services: Safe and smooth journeys

How to get here safely

Binod Pahari Travel

NNC joins you on your health-care journey from the beginning. 


Patient Travel Services enables you to: 


Travel with less stress 

We provide high-quality, no-cost assistance to patients, families, and travel companions. 

Remove the concern of disclosing personal information or dealing with trip details: We can contact flights, hotels, restaurants, and transportation providers on your behalf. 


Make a flexible plan. 

Our experts will be ready to amend your travel and housing plans if your appointments or personal circumstances change. Our selected travel partners waive customary change costs when you utilize NNC Patient Travel Services. 


Access the most trusted alternatives.

Our connected airlines, hotels, and ground transportation providers adhere to stringently enforced safety standards. We also arrange plans with patients in mind who may require flight, ground transportation, housing, dining, or entertainment accommodations. 

Allow us to handle your travel arrangements so you can concentrate on recovery and wellbeing. We look forward to assisting you with your upcoming trip to NNC. 


Are you flying into Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport? 

For most patients, flying directly to Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) for treatment helps alleviate anxiety and stress. Flights from all major cities in Nepal land in TIA and TIA is only minutes from NNC.  Please contact Patient Travel Services for assistance in making arrangements.


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Mr Binod Pahari

Phone: +977- 9866626477 (National and International callers)


NNC Patient Travel Services

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