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Training and Research

The NNC integrates core basic scientific and clinical education during the training of students. Direct senior feedback is provided at regular basis for ongoing student learning and improvement. The result is the training of reflective, ethical, and curious practitioners whose approach to analyzing clinical problems is patient-centered, informed by literature, and considers issues across the bio-psycho-social spectrum.

Doctor and Patient

Clinical Elective for
Medical Students

This two- to twelve- week elective provides clinical experience for medical students in their third or fourth years of medical school.

During the elective, students will rotate through Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neurorehabilitation departments. In addition, students will work at the outpatient department.


Research involves constant investigating and redesigning of the scientific questions posed. The strength of our research lies in the breadth and depth of the statistical approaches we utilize.

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Dr Suman Bhattarai

Dr Suman Bhattarai, MD

Statistic designs

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